Know early with one simple blood test.

UNITY screens your baby’s risk for common and severe genetic conditions (PLUS fetal antigens for specific patients).

Learning your risk early may have a big impact on your baby’s health.

We believe that every woman should have access to the best care possible. For some conditions, prenatal and newborn interventions may have a significant impact on the baby's health outcomes:

spinal muscular atrophy

1 in 54 people are carriers

Therapies are most effective when initiated before symptoms begin, making prenatal diagnosis critical.

90% of SMA Type 1 infants die before age two, but effective gene therapies are available. Treatment starts days after birth.


sickle cell disease

1 in 8 African Americans are carriers

Cord blood banking at the time of birth may help treat the disease in the future.

We cover cord blood banking fees for ALL families with high-risk sickle-cell UNITY result


alpha thalassemia

1 in 93 Asians are carriers

Without prenatal interventions, most babies with alpha thalassemia are stillborn.

Prenatal intervention such as transfusion and in utero stem cell transplant (currently in trial) may help babies survive.

With UNITY, pregnant patients have access to safe, accurate and accessible prenatal screening.

All insurances including Medicaid are accepted and financial assistance is available. Complimentary genetic counseling is available before or after taking the test. Our board-certified genetic counselors are here to guide you through the process.

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My favorite thing about being a mom is really the way they love you back. It's so unique, and I've never in my life had anybody love me the way they do. I decided to use UNITY ™ because I have the sickle cell trait and so does my fiance and I passed it down to my two-year-old Roman. And so I wanted to make sure that the baby didn't get the trait or the disease. When I found out that the UNITY™ test was non-invasive, I kind of had like a sigh of relief.